Courses of Slovak and English language

Corporate and individual clients can choose from the following courses:

1. Individual courses (one-to-one):
For those who need intensive study and want to use 100% of the time for learning and practicing. Lecturer comes directly to your workplace.

2. Small group courses:
For corporate clientele only. Group course will help you in confident communication and will make you feel comfortable speaking in front of other people. The course takes place at your company premises.

3. Online courses:
Taught via Skype. For those who are overloaded but still have the will and interest to learn something new. After the initial meeting, where all requirements are discussed are lessons provided via Skype (as a Skype call) at the time client selects. Study materials are sent by the lecturer via e-mail.

Courses focus on teaching the language necessary for regular and also specific communication. Teaching is based on conversation and is performed by practical teaching methods.

We offer you the possibility to choose time and duration of the course. You choose how many lessons you would like to have and what is your target in language learning. Everything depends on your needs and requirements.

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